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The Hahn Lab specializes in ecological and evolutionary physiology. Our scientific work focuses on rapid adaptation, phenotypic plasticity, and seasonal biology of insects both from basic research and applied  control perspectives. Our lab is particularly interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying hardiness to environmental stress, predicting winners and losers in the face of climate change, and improving environmentally friendly methods for insect pest control including biological control and phytosanitary treatments for commodities. We are proud members of the University of Florida Entomology and Nematology Department.


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Grad student Clancy Short returns from 2019 Crawfly Course to improve our neurophysiology teaching
Happy  Entomology Advocacy Week! Check out our commitment to teaching.
New publication in Frontiers in Physiology!
This open Access Journal helps our commitment to scientific transparency.
New blog kick-off! This blog will explain our new publications to non-experts. Check out our commitment to teaching and scientific transparency!
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